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Blackstar HT Club 50 w/ Footswitch


Bugera T50 Infinium Head w/ Cover & Footswitch


Dean Markley K-20BX


Dean Markley K-75 w/ Extension Cab


Fender '65 Twin Reverb White (Guitar Center Special Edition) 250 Made w/ Cover


Fender Blues Deville Blonde w/ Cover


Fender Champion 20


Gorilla GC-25 Guitar Combo


Indiana RD15 Guitar Amp


Johnson JT50 Mirage Combo w/ J8 Foot Controller


Kustom K100 Tuck and Roll Black


Kustom Kasino Club Head


Line 6 HD147 Amp Head


Line 6 Spider II 1x12 75W Guitar Combo Amp w/ FBV Express MKii


Line 6 Spider IV 15 Combo Amp


Marshall 1965B 4x10 Lead


Marshall Bi Chorus 200 Guitar Head


Marshall Code 50 w/ Marshall Code Footswitch


Marshall G80R CD


Marshall JCM 900 Lead 1960A 4x12 Speaker Cabinet


Marshall JCM-900 1960A 4x12


Marshall JCM600 Valve Guitar Amplifier


Marshall Master Lead Combo 2x12


Marshall MG100FX Head & MG412A Cabinet w/ Footswitch


Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT 275


Marshall VS412 Cabinet


Mesa Boogie F30


Music Man 115 RP


Orange Dual Terror Amp Head


Orange PPC108 1" x 8" cabinet


Orange Rocker 32 w/ Original Speaker & Fender Blue Label Speaker


Orange TH30C 30-watt 1x12" Combo Amp


Peavey 212 SF Classic VTX


Peavey 6505 412 Cabinet


Peavey Studio Pro 112


Peavey VTM 60 Guitar Tube Head


Peavey Vyper 15


Quilter Aviator Gold 1x12 Guitar Combo Amplifier w/ Cover


Randall RG100SC 2x12 Guitar Combo


Tele-Star M12 w/ Built in Tremolo Vintage Amplifier


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